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51FEWQdx1GL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_Chorier-Fryd, Bénédicte / Holdefer, Charles / Pughe, Thomas (eds.)
Poetics and Politics of Place in Pastoral: International Perspectives

Peter Lang AG
Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, New York, Wien, 2015. 285 pp., 27 coloured ill., 6 b/w ill.
ISBN 978-3-0343-1418-3


Introduction: Poetics and Politics of Place in Pastoral: International Perspectives

I. Celebrating the Pastoral Ideal: Classical Locations, Modern Places

Andy Auckbur: “Take that goodness in hand”: The Representation of Nature and the Power of Beauty in Sir Philip Sidney’s Arcadia
Fabien Desset: From “The Cimmerian Ravines of Modern Cities” to the “Upaithric” Temples of Pastoral Greece: The Place of Nature in Shelley’s Ancient Ruins
Mathilde Arrivé: From Wild West to Mild West: Photographic Eclogues of the Indian West in the “Post-Frontier” Era
Nancy Coleman Wolsk: Rosa Bonheur – Pastoral Visions
Amy Wells: A City Girl’s Pastoral Playground: A Geocritical Approach to Gendered Arcadia in Anaïs Nin’s Cities of the Interior

II. Critical Reappropriations of Pastoral Motifs

Aurore Clavier: “The Savage’s Romance”: The Culture of Pastoral in the Poetry of Marianne Moore
Andrew McKeown: A Pastoral Place in Language? The Poems of Edward Thomas (1878–1917)
Bénédicte Chorier-Fryd: The Pasture and the Freeway in Thomas Pynchon’s California
Idom T. Inyabri: Joe Ushie’s Pastoral Vision in Popular Stand and Hill Songs
Thomas Pughe: Pastoralism, Poetics and Politics in Three Texts by Rick Bass from the 1990s

III. Challenges and Relocations: the Simple Made Complex?

François Specq: “Walking in the Greater Garden”: Thoreau and the Pastoral Ideal
Aurélie Griffin: The Quest for Arcadia in Philip Sidney’s Arcadia(s) and Mary Wroth’s Urania
Anne-Lise Marin-Lamellet: Pastoral Motifs in British Social-realist Cinema: Illusions and Disillusions in the Quest for a locus amoenus
Laetitia Sansonetti: Knights Among Shepherds: Courtly Pastorals in Spenser’s Faerie Queene (1596)
Charles Holdefer: Machines at Work and Play: George Saunders and the Post-Pastoral


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